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Looking to Become a Client

Are You Interested in Becoming a CC1 Advisory Client?

CC1 Advisory continues to grow and we are always excited to meet new clients to discuss how we can help with your business, accounting and taxation affairs. Our client base is diverse and varied  and we are confident we can help most clients in our area of expertise.


In our experience however we will be of most value if any or all of the following resonate with you:

  • You speak to or meet your current accountant once a year to discuss or review what happened months ago and would like more pro active or forward focussed advice and planning
  • You can't get a hold of your current accountant and want more responsiveness and better service
  • You find out about tax liabilities only as they are about to fall due
  • Your year end financial information (accounts, tax returns etc) are delivered without any advice, insights or recommendations on what can be done better or improved in the year ahead (either in your business and/or in relation to your financial affairs)
  • You don't currently undertake a tax planning review in the lead up to 30 June each year (usually in March - June) to understand what your year end tax result might look like and what you can do to reduce your liability
  • You struggle to get advice on business/accounting/tax matters that is understandable or in plain English
  • You never hear from your current accountant, instead all communication is driven or prompted by you

If any of the above ring true to you or you would like to know more, lets have chat about how we might be able to help you. To contact us, please click here.